How do I change my privacy settings inside the Fizz community?

Depending on your privacy settings inside the Fizz community, other members may (or may not) be able to search for you, add you as a contact, and gift you data.


When a Fizz member searches for another member inside the community, they will see your first name and phone number. They will never see your full name, email address or other identifying information.


How to change your Fizz privacy settings:

  1. Go to My Settings in your Fizz account.
  2. Scroll to Settings.
  3. Click on Privacy.
  4. Here you can select one of three privacy options:
  • Full Fizz Experience: By default, other users can search for you, add you as a contact and send you gifts.
  • Private: You can receive gifts from everyone. You cannot be searched or added as a contact.
  • Incognito: You do not accept gifts and cannot be added as a contact. You are incognito and cannot be found via search.