What do I do if my return request or warranty claim is denied?

  1. Why is my request denied?

    There are several reasons why a return request or warranty claim can be denied.


    Your phone did not meet all of the conditions for a return.
    • These conditions are detailed and explained in the online return request. 
    • The person submitting the return request checked a box to certify and confirm they had read and agreed to these conditions. 

    Read the condition


    The required steps to prepare your phone for its return were not completed correctly.
    • Technicians were not able to access your phone to inspect it. 

    Read the steps 


    In the case of a warranty claim, the issue for which you submitted a claim is not covered by the warranty

    Read the warranty details


  1. What happens when my request is denied?

    As outlined in the conditions you reviewed and agreed to before returning your phone, if your request is denied, you will be invoiced the administrative fee (an amount of $75 plus applicable taxes). This amount will be invoiced using the credit card you entered when submitting your online return request. 

    Once the administrative fee has been processed, we’ll send you back your phone. You can see where your phone is at in your Return history (My phones/Manage my phone/Return history).

    Keep an eye out on your emails for updates and important information.  

    Fizz cannot keep your phone. If the two delivery attempts we make to deliver your phone fail, you will have to follow the carriers’ instructions to pick it up yourself at their offices. 


    If you have questions about why your request was denied, you may contact our Customer Service team by chat. Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of this FAQ during our business hours.


  1. What are my options now?

    For a 15-day return:

    If your request was denied because conditions were not met and/or steps to prepare your phone were not completed, and you are still within 15 days of the date on which you received your phone, you may submit a new return request online.  


    For a warranty claim:

    If your warranty claim was denied, you could consider having your phone repaired. 

    • Every manufacturer has a list of authorized repair locations. Check their website to locate the one nearest you. 
    • A quick search on the Internet will also help you find other repair shops.