I’ve unsubscribed. How do I return my Wi-Fi modem?

Before we get into the swing of things, know that based on the date you unsubscribe from your Home Internet plan:

  1. You have 15 days to return your Fizz Wi-Fi modem (and its power cable). Failure to do so means you will be automatically charged the modem replacement fee, as per your Services agreement. If you are charged this amount but do end up sending us back the modem, then no worries, you will be automatically refunded.
  2. Once your modem is returned, it will take (approximately) 4-6 weeks to receive, if applicable, your prorated refund for the monthly fee you paid based on the days left, if any, in your payment cycle.


  1. Pack the modem carefully

    Important: Make sure that nothing is taped on the modem, and its barcode is legible.

    Find a box that is not too big to make sure the modem is snug and not tossed around. A box of size 12 ¼ x 9 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches is ideal. The box must also be sufficiently sturdy, so the modem is well protected. Canada Post has guidelines on the best way to wrap a package for shipping.


  1. Have your return ID number handy

    Download, print or write down your return ID number. Canada Post will need this number to print your free return label.

    Hint: The return ID number is written right under the barcode:


    There are two ways to find your return ID number:

    1. In the confirmation email you received when you unsubscribed from Fizz.
    2. In your Fizz account: Once signed in, go to My plans > Manage > Unsubscribe.  Below the button that says “Cancel my unsubscription”, click on See instructions for returning my Wi-Fi modem.


    You can find the returning instructions at My plans > Manage, as long as the unsubcription process is pending or completed.




  1. Head to a Canada Post deposit location

    Once your Wi-Fi modem is packed and your return ID number in hand, head to a Canada Post deposit location. Find a deposit location

    A free return label with your contact info will be printed by Canada Post and affixed on the box.


    Keep the receipt with the tracking number that Canada Post gives you; it’s the only proof for the return of your modem.

  1. If your modem is broken or lost

    If you return a modem that is in poor condition, or if we receive a box that does not contain your modem, you will be charged the modem replacement fee, as per your Services agreement. This amount will be deducted from any refund that Fizz may owe you.


    If you are having issues returning your Wi-Fi modem to us, please contact us using the chat bubble at the bottom of this page.