How do I manage an appointment for a technician to visit my service address?

  1. Important tips for a tech visit.

    Important tips for a tech visit.

    • Here are a few things to know to make sure the technician’s visit runs as smoothly as possible.
    • On average, a visit lasts less than an hour. You’ll get a better time estimate once the technician is on-site.  
    • Do not expect a call from the technician. He’ll only contact you at the number you provided when you planned your appointment if he plans to arrive before or after the allocated time slot.
    • A person over 18 years old must be present. If not, the technician cannot complete the work, and a new appointment will have to be scheduled.
    • Your equipment should be easily accessible. Move ahead of time any furniture that may complicate things.
    • If you’re the owner of a household pet, please keep it away from the rooms where the technician will be working.
    • If you are a building tenant, have the owner’s written authorization beforehand should the technician need to drill, for example, a hole in an exterior wall. If the building owner is on-site, his verbal agreement will suffice. If you have shared ownership of your property, be familiar with the rules of your association in regard to such matter. The electrical room also needs to be accessible.

  1. To view, change or cancel an appointment

    To view, change or cancel an appointment

    Your technician appointments are in your Fizz account. Simply log in and under  My plans > Manage plan > Appointments you’ll be able to view, reschedule or cancel your appointment, even up until the moment when the technician is on route.

    You can reschedule your appointment up to three (3) times. After that, your order will be cancelled, and you’ll have to start the process all over.


    Good to know: Service calls (for repairs) do not appear in your account. Reach us using the chat bubble to reschedule or cancel a service call



  1. If the appointment is a service call (for repairs)

    A technician is sent to your address for a service call when your Home Internet service was diagnosed with a malfunction. After chatting with our Customer Service team, you’ll receive an email confirming the date and time slot for your appointment. Keep it for future reference because a service call does not appear in your Fizz account.

    A service call is free of charge unless you are responsible for the source of the problem. For example, you modified the installation or one of your personal equipment is faulty. Adding or relocating an outlet may also involve fees, depending on the situation. Regardless, the technician will let you know on-site if any fees apply, and these fees will be automatically charged to the payment method associated with your Fizz account.

    To modify the date or time of the service call, contact our Customer Service team using the chat bubble.

  1. If the appointment didn’t take place.

    Should the appointment with a technician not happen for whatever reason, check your emails. You’ll receive further instructions and next steps from us, right in your inbox.