How can I change the SIM card associated with my mobile plan?

The SIM card (subscriber identification module) is a chip with information that identifies you and connects your phone to the Fizz mobile network. If you lose or break your SIM card, your plan will no longer work. And since your SIM card is associated with your plan, it is important to follow the right steps to replace it.   


If you are looking to activate a SIM card for a new plan, and not an existing plan that is already active in your account, head this way >  



How to replace a Fizz SIM card. 


1) Log into your account and order a new Fizz SIM card. 


How to order a SIM card 


Having issues connecting to your account? 

Right this way for some troubleshooting. 



2) Activate your new SIM card by associating it with your Fizz plan.  


The steps to follow to change your SIM card automatically succeed one another in your Fizz account. Click here to start. 

Or, log in and go under > My plans > Manage plan > Change SIM card. 

Follow the on-screen instructions and when required, enter the activation code of your new SIM card.  


Important: Once the new card is activated, the old one currently associated with your plan will be automatically deactivated.


3) Wait for a quick moment. 


Once the steps in your account completed, watch the top of your phone’s screen. When it switches to network search, that’s your cue: your current SIM card is deactivated and the new one is activated. 


4) Insert your freshly activated SIM card into your phone. It is now associated with your Fizz plan.  
  1. Insert a small paperclip into the SIM tray pinhole. 
  2. Apply pressure until the tray pops open. 
  3. Pull the tray out and remove the SIM card. 
  4. Put your new SIM card in the tray, and put the tray back in place. 
  5. Restart your phone. 


Good to know: 

  • A SIM card is detachable in three different formats (mini, micro and nano). Make sure to insert the correct SIM card format for your phone. If you detach the wrong format, don’t worry — the Fizz SIM card can be “reattached” in the right format.  

  • Insert your SIM card the right way around to allow the connectors on the card to establish contact with your phone. 


5) Check that everything is set. 


Call your BFF. Text your cousin. Send a pic of your cat. Make a web search. If in doubt, visit  


If your mobile data or multimedia messages (MMS) are having issues, reconfigure the Fizz network settings (APN). The steps to do so are here: