How can I access and use my voicemail?

Visual messaging now available at Fizz.

Available for iOS and Android phones, Visual Messaging is included for free with the Voicemail option in your plan.

You can listen to and manage your messages without having to "call" your voicemail. You own to have data to take advantage of it.

  1. To activate / deactivate your voicemail

    Make sure you have the voicemail option as part of your plan, and that your plan has minutes or else you will not be able to access it whether from your mobile phone or another phone.

    If your voicemail isn’t activated in your
    plan, you'll have to add the voicemail option.

    Any change to your plan must be made in accordance with the plan change policy detailed on  This change will then come into effect when your next payment cycle begins. (Under: My plans > Manage plan > Make changes to this plan > Change plan > Visual messaging)

  1. To access your voicemail

    To access your voicemail, hold the ''1'' key on your phone for a few seconds. For many phones, holding the ''1'' key the speed dial option to reach voicemail. This may vary between different phone models.


    The speed dial setting "1" to access voicemail (1-514-647-0999) may vary from one phone to another since it depends on each model’s operating system. Additionally, this setting may not be editable in all phones.

    If you are forwarding your calls to another number, the voicemail won’t pick up the call.


  1. To reset or change your PIN

    Modify your access code (PIN) directly via your voicemail, or online from your Fizz account (Under: My Plans > Manage My Plan > Advanced Settings > PIN to Access Your Voicemail). If you have a pending plan change, you won't be able to do so until your new plan is active.


    IMPORTANT: Unsafe combinations such as 1234 or 8888 will be rejected.

  1. To listen, save or delete a message

    Start by accessing your voicemail by pressing and holding the '' 1 '' key on your phone's keypad or dial our server number: 1-514-647-0999. Once you authenticated yourself, press 1 to listen to a message. Just before you start listening to a message, the system will tell you its origin number, as well as the date and time you received it. To skip this information, press 1

    While listening to a message:


    1. Fast play (a few seconds): Press 3     
    2. Replay: Press 1
    3. Pause (listen to timestamps): Press 5


    To delete a message:

    Once a message has been heard, press 7 to delete it.


    To save a message

    Once a message has been heard, press 9 to save it. Once a message has been saved, it'll remain in your voicemail for the 30 days that follow the time at which you saved it.

  1. The storage capacity of your voicemail

    • If it is not listened to, a new voice message will be kept for 30 days (calculated from the date it was received).
    • Once listened, a voice message is automatically deleted after 30 days.
    • A saved message will be available for 30 days (calculated from the moment it is saved).


    Your voicemail has a 35 messages maximum capacity. Once this has been reached, people who are trying to reach you won’t be able to leave you a message you’ll receive a text message each time someone tries to leave you a message.


    You may want to delete some messages to make room for new ones.



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