Browsing the internet is very slow on my mobile phone. How do I fix it ?

Make sure you are in a zone that has adequate coverage.

See our network coverage map

If you are outside the Fizz network, you can connect via our partner network.

Learn about accessing our partner network


  1. Is the Wi-Fi function turned off?

    Make sure you have deactivated WiFi on your phone.

    If browsing the internet with your phone is slow and laborious, your phone may be trying to prioritize browsing over a WiFi network instead of using the Fizz mobile network.

    By disabling WiFi on your phone, you will force it to use only mobile data; this may enable apps and web pages to load faster.

    If you are experiencing a slow WiFi network, see the following troubleshooting tip:

     My WiFi connection is slow. How can I speed it up?


  1. Restart your phone

    If the network signal is weak, your phone may be connected to an antenna that is not in an optimal location for you to access the network.

    Reboot (power cycle) your phone by holding down the phone’s start button for 10 seconds.

    Following your reboot, your applications will load. Your phone will then re-authenticate to the Fizz mobile network and potentially recover its authorization to access the network.

  1. Do tests

    Test your connection by visiting different websites, using another web browser and/or another application.

    The website you are visiting, or the browser/app you were using when your WiFi became slow may be the source of the problem.

    If the slow speed is limited to a single browser or application, try to completely uninstall it from your device.

    If the situation continues unchanged after you reinstall the browser or app, consult customer assistance for the product in question

  1. Do some speed tests

    Perform some speed tests using the Fizz Wi-Fi app. This app is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple Store.


    Do multiple tests with different devices and at multiple locations around your home.

    Compare the results obtained at the downstream (Download) and upstream (Download) speeds of your Fizz Home Internet plan.

    If possible, also a speed test with a device plugged in using a network cable (RJ45) directly into the Wi-Fi modem.

    You can also perform a speed test using any website or app of your choice.


    Make sure you choose a speed test that uses a local server.

    Some sites only offer test servers located overseas. It could skew your results.

  1. Reset your phone’s network settings

    IMPORTANT: This operation will also reset your WiFi settings, mobile data, Bluetooth, etc.

    The steps to follow to reset your network settings will vary depending on the type of phone. Here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → General management → Reset → Reset network settings

    iPhone: Settings → General → Reset → Reset network settings

  1. Test with another phone

    ​​​​​​If possible, test the network using a different phone.

    If you have access to a phone that is compatible with the Fizz mobile network, insert your Fizz SIM card into this phone and see if it is possible to access the internet. This will tell you if your phone is the source of the problem.

    Conversely, if you do not have access to another phone compatible with the Fizz network but do have access to another active Fizz SIM card with a plan that includes mobile data, insert this card into your phone.