What do I need to know before returning my phone?

Any return request must be submitted online via your Fizz account under My phones/Manage my phone/Return my phone.

The IMEI of the phone that is returned must match the IMEI associated with the return request you submit online. 


If you just bought your phone and are unhappy with it, you may return it under the 15-day return policy.

You must submit your request online within 15 days of the date on which you received your phone. Once that delay has expired, the return policy will be expired. See the details of the 15-day return policy


If you’re having an issue with your phone, you can make a warranty claim

Make sure the issue is covered by the warranty. Check warranty details before submitting your request.


  1. Conditions for a return

    The conditions detailed below apply to the 15-day return policy, as well as to any warranty claim. 

    Returns for operating software issues or damage following misuse will not be accepted.

    When you fill out your online return request, you will be asked to certify and confirm each of these return conditions by checking a box:


     - The phone hasn’t been damaged by water in any way. See the common causes 


    - The phone has no physical damage, and does not show any sign from being dropped.

    15-day return Warranty claim
    The phone is like new. There is no scratch or any physical damage to the case, screen, buttons or connectors, camera lens and/or flash. In the case of a refurbished phone, it’s in the same condition as when you bought it from Fizz. Only damage related to an issue with the phone is eligible. Any warranty claim for damage resulting from misuse will be denied.

    More details on physical damage


    - The phone’s original operating system hasn’t been modified or hacked (jailbreak), and the latest software update was downloaded. More details on jailbreak


    - With your phone, you included:

    15-day return Warranty claim
    • The original box
    • All accessories
    • The charger
    • The charger


    An administrative fee (an amount of $75, plus applicable taxes) will be invoiced to you if:
    - your phone does not meet all of the conditions mentioned here above;
    - the required steps to prepare your phone for its return were not completed correctly;
    - in the case of a warranty claim, if the issue was not covered by the warranty.


  1. Must-know info before returning your phone

    The process will take between 4 and 7 business days, starting the moment you drop your package at a Canada Post deposit location. 

    Fizz has no control over Canada Post delays, and cannot guarantee that the delays that are indicated will be respected.


    Your mobile plan remains active while your request is being processed. So don’t hesitate to insert your SIM card in another phone to use your Fizz mobile services. 

    If you are returning your phone under the 15-day return policy and your request is approved, the promised My Rewards points associated with its purchase will not be deposited in your account since you’re returning it.

    If you are making a warranty claim and your request is approved, we’ll replace your phone. If providing you with the same model is impossible, an equivalent model will be sent to you.


  1. Why do I need to enter my payment info?

    The credit card you enter when you submit a return request is for the administrative fee (if applicable, an amount of $75, plus applicable taxes) to cover the costs of returning you your phone if your return request is denied. 

    The administrative fee will be charged if:


  1. Why do I need to enter a shipping address?

    If your return request is denied, your phone will be returned to this address once the administrative fee has been invoiced. 

    In the case of a warranty claim that is approved, that’s where we’ll send your replacement phone.


  1. Water damage

    If your phone gets wet (with water or other liquids), it unfortunately has little chance of surviving. You cannot return a phone damaged by liquid under the 15-day return policy, and it won’t be covered by the warranty. Common causes of contact with liquid or humidity include:

    • Dropping the phone in water or any other liquid. 
    • Spilling liquid on the phone.
    • Rain, fog or mist droplets.
    • Leaving the phone on a moist surface or in a room with lots of humidity (think bathroom during a shower)
    • Body perspiration.
    • Leaving the phone outside or in a vehicle overnight.


    External and/or internal damage caused by a contact with liquid or humidity may not occur immediately.


  1. Physical damage

    Damage caused by dropping the phone, neglect, improper use, abnormal operating conditions, abuse or inadequate storage won’t be covered under the 15-day return policy or the warranty. Some examples or physical damage include:

    • Broken screen
    • Damage to the case
    • Broken charging port
    • Deformed internal components
    • Bent / cracked main board


    You can damage your phone simply by carrying it in a pocket. If it’s in a purse, backpack or any other type of bag, chances are it’ll get knocked repeatedly with the other stuff you’re carrying.



  1. Jailbreak

    To jailbreak your phone means to bypass the manufacturer’s operating system and install non-approved apps.

    If the original operating system of your phone was modified or hacked (jailbreak), your phone won’t be covered under the 15-day return policy or the warranty.