Do you offer services that are adapted to my disability?

To request technology adapted to a disability, you must fill in the Proof of disability form and attach supporting documents.
This will allow us to find the best solution for your needs.

Types of available services that are adapted to specific disabilities
  1. Features

    Features provided by specific phones to facilitate daily use
    • Bluetooth compatibility
    • Loudspeaker
    • Compatibility with hearing aids
    • Compatibility with teletypewriter
    • Alerts and notifications in vibration mode
    • Haptic feedback
    • Predictive text
    • Voice-to-text conversion
    • Improved accessibility
    • Clearly identifiable ringtone
    • Contact identification using unique photos
    • Automatic text input
    • Speech recognition
    • Autocomplete
    • Automatic answer (using headphones)
    • Voice dialing (using headphones)
    • Voice commands
    • Customizable menus and shortcuts
    • Accessible, high contrast keyboard
    • Raised dot on the 5 key 

    Check with your phone manufacturer to learn how to activate these services and features. Unfortunately we do not have all available information on which phones support specific features.

  1. ​T911 service

    • The T911 service enables people who are living with auditory or speech disabilities to use text messaging to communicate with the 911 emergency service.
    • To activate this service on all relevant plans, go to > My plans > Manage > Advanced parameters
    • You do not require proof of disability to activate this service
    • For more information, see our T911 FAQ 
    • If you have not received a text confirming the activation of your T911 service within five days after signing up, please contact customer service via chat or mention this delay in the Proof of disability form

  1. Braille or large type

    • For all customers who are living with visual disabilities
    • Available formats: Braille, large type or audio file
    • To process these requests, please use the Proof of disability form and attach supporting documents. We will do everything we can to meet your needs

  1. 711 Relay Service

    • The 711 Relay Service is tailored to the needs of people with hearing and/or speech impairment who need to use a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY) or other devices to communicate with third parties.
    • The relay service is can respond adequately to two types of calls:
      • Voice carry over (VCO) allows a hearing impaired person who is able to speak to use their voice while receiving operator-typed responses from a person who is able to hear
      • Hearing carry over (HCO) allows a person who is speech-disabled but able to hear to use their hearing while sending responses to a person who is able to hear via the HCO user’s typed text
    • Those who do not have TTY and wish to reach hearing-impaired persons through the relay service can call 1-800-855-0511
    • Hearing impaired persons who wish to reach other hearing impaired persons through the Relay Service can call 1-800-855-5511
    • To activate the 711 Relay Service, describe your needs in the  Proof of disability form and attach supporting documents; we will do everything we can to meet your needs

  1. 30-day trial period

    • Issuing refunds is a key component of the trial period
    • Customers with an approved Certificate of Disability are entitled to a 30-day trial period
    • Trial period refunds only apply to the monthly fee; additional expenses such as Add-Ons, Travel Add-Ons and payments from the customer’s Wallet will not be reimbursed
    • All cancellation requests during the trial period (with an approved Certificate of Disability) are automatic and will be made immediately without requiring the customer to wait until the end of the payment cycle

Admissible proof of disability documents
Visual disability
  • Signed certificate from a doctor who is legally practicing in Canada
    • This certificate must confirm the visual disability as well as its degree. In all cases, the visual disability must be serious.
  • Certificate from the Loui Braille Institute
  • Certificate from from the Nazareth Institute
  • CNIB disability certificate
  • Certificate from an optometrist
  • Health insurance card or driving license with a visual disability logo or sticker
  • Certificat from a visual rehabilitation centre or visual impairment program
Auditory disability
  • A letter from a hearing aid specialist or audiologist
  • A health insurance card or driving license with a hearing disability logo or sticker
Other disabilities

One of the following certificates is required:

All information shared with Fizz will be handled in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Documents we receive from you will be destroyed in a safe manner and will not be accessible or viewable. Documents will not be accessible nor viewable by third parties.
To protect your privacy, you must delete personal information (for example, social insurance number, other disabilities, etc.) that is not relevant to the specific disability for which you are requesting support.

  • Documents must contain your name, family name, address, postal code and birth date.
  • Only the section that mentions the relevant disability must be visible. All mentions of other disabilities or information not related to the customer’s request must be blacked out (redacted).
  • The part of the document that identifies your doctor must be visible.