How do I subscribe to the T911 service?

The T911 service enables people who are living with an auditory or speech disability to communicate with the 911 emergency service using text messaging.


Activate the T911 service in > My plans > Manage Advanced parameters.
If you have more than one plan on your account, the T911 service must be activated for each relevant plan.

To use the T911 service you must:
  • Have an active Fizz mobile account
  • Have a phone compatible with the T911 service
  • Activate the service in > My plans > Manage > Advanced parameters
  • Reside where the T911 service is available


It can take up to 5 business days to process your request for T911 service. If accepted, you will receive a text message confirming the activation of the service. If you have not received a text message after 5 working days, please notify us by chat or by using the  Proof of disability form.

Although the T911 service is currently available in only a limited number of regions in Canada, you can still sign up for it. To find out about where the T911 service is available, see:


How to make an emergency call using T911
  1. Make a call to 911.
  2. The 911 emergency dispatcher will send you a text message.
  3. Continue the communication via text message.

Do not hang up! Your call must be active for the full duration of the T911 text conversation. This allows the agent to hear what’s happening in your immediate environment during the call.