What’s a Preloved phone?

A Preloved phone is not brand-new, but it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a great phone but don’t want to pay full price. Preloved phones come with a warranty of 6 months. Look up warranty details

All Preloved phones are carefully cleaned. They are inspected and tested by our technicians, who also make sure there is no water damage. 


  • Battery life will vary based upon prior usage. Preloved phones have not been repaired, remanufactured, or refurbished by the original manufacturers. 
  • Accessories included with Preloved phones, whether they are new or used, may not be original manufacturer accessories and are not covered by the warranty. 


There are two (2) categories of Preloved phones, Perfect and Almost perfect, each with its own set of cosmetic criteria. Fizz based its grading according to industry standards.  


  1. Criteria for a Perfect Preloved phone.

    A Perfect phone was slightly used. You might see some negligible traces of wear if you look closely, but :  

    • No cracks. 
    • No dents, or evidence of a fall.
    • No display defects (missing pixels, white spots, burn ins, etc.)  
    • No major scratch on the main display or on any camera lenses. 


  1. Criteria for an Almost perfect Preloved phone.

    An Almost perfect phone was previously used but is in very good condition.    

    You may see a few marks, and in some cases minor scratches or traces of light wear, but :

    • No cracks. 
    • No dents, or evidence of a fall.
    • No display defects (missing pixels, white spots, burn ins, etc.) 
    • No scratch on any camera lenses.  
    • Minor scratches may be visible on the front housing/glass area (but not on the camera). 


  1. Phones that don’t make the cut.

    A phone with one or several major defects is not selected as a Fizz Preloved phone. Here are a few examples of major defects: 

    • Cracks in housing or camera lenses. 
    • Dents, or evidence of a fall. 
    • Display defects, whether from pressure spots or other reasons. 
    • Air bubbles within and between the display and lens. 
    • Lifted lens (delamination or separation gaps). 
    • Discolouration from original colour and inconsistent gloss. 
    • If customer removable, battery damage (warped, burnt, punctured, swelled, wrinkled and missing labels). 
    • SIM tray damage, whether bent or loose, meaning it won’t hold a SIM or SD card. 
    • Deformation of plastic housing (bows across flat plane). 
    • Damaged connector, whether it’s missing, bent or shows corrosion, excessive wear and tear or any foreign material inside. 
    • Screw defects, whether any are missing, the wrong type, stripped or loose.