Referral program: how do referral bonuses work?

  1. When are referral bonuses awarded?

    When your friend subscribes to Fizz using your referral code, both of your referral bonuses will be pending until your invited friend becomes a paying member. Same goes if you're the one who was invited: your bonus (and that of the Fizz member who invited you) will be pending.

    When the invited person completes their second monthly payment, they will receive their referral bonus. From there, the referral bonus of the Fizz member who made the invitation will be applied on their next payment. 


    If you have multiple plans, your referral bonuses will be applied on the payment for your default main plan (the oldest plan in your account).
    You can change your settings under your profile to choose another plan. Once that change is done, any future referral bonus will be assigned to that other chosen plan.


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  1. What is the amount of the referral bonus?

    The usual amount for the referral bonus is $25, for both the Fizz member and the person they invite, but this amount can vary based on the activation date. More specifically:

    • for a mobile plan, the date at which the person who was invited activates their SIM card.
    • for a Home Internet plan, the date at which the person who was invited subscribed and chose their installation appointment.


  1. How do I know when friends I invited have signed up (and the amount of the corresponding bonus)?

    You are notified every time a referred friend subscribes, activates their account and makes their second payment. You will receive an in-account notification, and depending on your communications preferences, an email or a text.

    To track the status of your invited friends, and know the amount of the referral bonus you'll receive (or referral bonuses if several of your friends activated their plan using your referral code); sign into your Fizz account. Then go under My benefizz > My crew > Referral bonuses.

    You'll see a summary of your referral bonuses, including the amount of each:

    • The amount under Pending corresponds to your referral bonuses that are waiting for your friends’ second payment.    
    • The amount under Total received represents the bonuses you received.
    • Under Used, you’ll see the amount of your bonuses that were applied to date on your monthly payments.
    • The amount under Balance corresponds to the amount left to apply to your upcoming payments.

    total amount of referral history and status


    To see the referral bonuses that were applied to your payments, check your Transaction history.


  1. Where can I see whether my referral bonuses were applied to my payments?

    You’ll have to look in your Transaction history.

    Your referral bonuses are used up as needed. We use the total received from your referral bonuses towards your monthly payment. If your payment is less than the total received from your bonuses, you may then very well end up having nothing to pay for your plan. Any residual amount from your referral bonuses (the balance) will be applied to your next payment. 


    If your plan is suspended, say for example that your payment failed, any transaction related to your referral bonuses will be pushed out to your next payment cycle.  

    If you deactivate your plan, or your plan is deactivated by Fizz for payment failure or any other reason, you will lose the referral bonuses that are pending and associated with this plan, including your balance.  

    The referral bonus for the active member and the one for the new member will be automatically applied towards the monthly payment of their respective plan if both members have an active plan when the new member has accumulated two months of service.


    To view your Transaction history, follow this link : 

    To view your Transaction history:

    1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
    2. Scroll to the plan that you wish to view (if you have more than one).
    3. Click on the Transaction history button.
    4. Here you will be able to view a complete summary of your payments and transactions.
    5. If you click on one of the transactions, you’ll see your receipt and the amount corresponding to referral bonuses applied.