Referral program: how can I invite friends over to Fizz?


You must have an active Fizz plan to invite friends and receive referral bonuses.

When you activate your Fizz plan, you receive a unique referral code. When someone you invite activates their Fizz account using your referral code, whether for a mobile or Home Internet service, and makes their second monthly payment, you will each earn a referral bonus. 

The usual amount for the referral bonus is $25 for both the Fizz member and the person they invite, but this amount can vary based on the activation date. More specifically:

  • for a mobile plan, the date at which your friend activates their SIM card.
  • for a Home Internet plan, the date at which your friend subscribed and chose their installation appointment.


Learn more on how referral bonuses work, and are allocated.


  1. Sharing your code to invite friends.

    Your referral code is a unique five-digit combination of letters and numbers. It is not case sensitive, meaning you can use upper or lower case letters (for example: AB123 or ab123). It does not change or expire. If you unsubscribe and resubscribe to Fizz, you will have the same referral code.  

    To get your referral code and share it:

    1. Go to My Profile in your Fizz account.
    2. Scroll down to the tile to invite friends.
    3. Click on Reveal my referral code.
    4. From there, you’ll have access to the different sharing options. Follow the on-screen steps to invite your friends.


    You can also copy and paste your referral code and share it any way you like using your favourite social tool or network — email, social media, text, pen and paper… it’s up to you. But don’t forget to include a link to the Fizz subscription page.


    You can invite as many friends as you want. Your referral bonuses will only add up.


  1. How my friends can subscribe

    With your referral code in hand, your friends can then subscribe:

    • Invite your friends to go to to create their plan and order their SIM card.
    • They will have to enter your referral code in the field provided at the bottom of their order summary

       referral code
      subscription flow with referral code
    • If a person forgets to enter the referral code when subscribing, they’re unfortunately out of luck. We cannot retroactively apply a referral code. 
    • Any one person can only be referred once, when they subscribe to their first Fizz service. For example, if a person subscribes to the Fizz mobile service without using a referral code, she won’t be able to use one when she adds another mobile plan or subscribes to the Home internet service (the reference code field will have disappeared).