How do I get started with my new phone?

The excitement that comes with the arrival of a new phone is hard to beat. Congratulations on your latest acquisition. We are delighted you chose Fizz to enjoy it.

Any phone purchased on is unlocked. 

You are solely responsible for the security and privacy maintenance of your phone. Adding a passcode for example to protect your phone from unauthorized use is good practice.


  1. If you are new to Fizz mobile services


    Activating your Fizz SIM card with the plan of your dreams is the first thing to do. Visit and follow the on-screen steps.

    If anything is unclear, check out our activation FAQ.


  1. If you already have an active Fizz mobile plan

    If your new phone is replacing one with an active Fizz mobile plan, follow these steps:

    1. Pop out the phone tray of your old phone, and retrieve your Fizz SIM card.
    2. Place it into the tray of your new phone.* 
    3. Restart your phone.
    4. Your phone will authenticate to the Fizz mobile network, and work with your existing mobile plan. 

    Remember, the content from your old phone will not be imported with the SIM card swap. This includes your contacts, your Google or Apple ID account, old text messages, and the various apps you downloaded over time. 


    Your Fizz SIM card is too small for your new phone? Use the support it came in to adjust its size to a larger one. If you don’t have that plastic support anymore, you’ll have to order a new SIM card.



  1. I don’t have a Fizz SIM card

    A Fizz SIM card is key to use the mobile plan of your dreams. 

    If you forgot to order a Fizz SIM card with your phone, no worries. We’ll get you set up in no time. 

    If you lost or broke the SIM card that was associated with your active plan, or if your SIM card doesn’t fit in your new phone and you no longer have the plastic support it came in, you’ll need to order a new SIM card. 

    Order a new SIM card



  1. Details on your warranty

    Warranty details are outlined in the Solution Hub.

    To see the dates of the warranty period for your phone:

    1. In your Fizz account, go to My phones.
    2. At the phone in question, click on Manage / My phone warranty

    For an Apple product, refer to the Apple site for the details pertaining to their warranty. 


  1. Your My Rewards points

    Buying a phone with Fizz is an action that will give you a nice loot of My Rewards points. 


    With all those new points, your progression in the program’s levels will get a nice boost.

    And the higher the level you’re at, the more rewards you get to choose from to add value to your monthly plan.


    Expect on average a 30-day delay following the receipt of your phone to see these fresh new points in your Fizz account.


    See My Rewards details