Switching to Fizz is surprisingly easy

Become a member in just a few steps.

Bring your own unlocked phone to Fizz, or buy one with us. Then, with a Fizz SIM card, a credit card and an internet connection, you’ll have all you need to enjoy exceptional mobile services1.




Order your SIM card.

The Fizz SIM card is key.

The SIM card is what identifies you and connects your phone to the Fizz mobile network. Order it and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. In a hurry and simply can’t wait? Swing by a participating store to pick one up.




Order my SIM card See participating stores 


Create your perfect plan.

Make your mobile plan as unique as you are.

With Fizz, you're not limited to predetermined plans. You can build your own from scratch. It's up to you to decide the amount of data, texts and minutes, to choose your coverage area and decide which options you need. And no plan is ever set in stone — you can modify it to your heart's content, month after month2.




Whenever you're ready.

You can create your customized mobile plan throughout the first steps of the subscription process (such as right now!), or when you'll activate your SIM card.



Create my plan


Activate your SIM card and confirm your plan. 

You'll be guided through each step.

Your SIM card will arrive with instructions for getting started. With your unlocked phone and an internet connection, it only takes minutes to activate your SIM. 

Confirm your plan.

This is when you'll be confirming your plan for the month. If your plan suits your needs perfectly, it'll be automatically renewed each month. If not, then simply adjust it.2

Activate my SIM card


Keep your phone number or choose a new one.

Do you want to transfer your current phone number to Fizz?

Want to transfer your current number to Fizz? You can — but don't cancel your number with your current provider until your Fizz plan has been activated, or else we won’t be able to transfer it.3 Prefer to start fresh with a new number? You can do that too. 




How to transfer my number


Adios unexpected expenses.

Pre-authorized payment.

You decide what you want to pay for the month ahead. This amount will be automatically billed to your credit card when your payment cycle starts. 



Choice and peace of mind.

If you used up all your data, don’t panic. Your data will be put on pause and you’ll have the choice to buy an Add-on, pay as you go with your Fizz Wallet or go happy Wi-Fi hunting. At Fizz, you’re in charge. 




Discover our payment methods



Prepare your phone

Pop in your SIM card.

Use the eject key to remove the SIM card holder from your phone. Identify the SIM format you need, pop it in your phone, and you're good to go. You may need to restart your phone.


Instantly or within two hours.

If you selected a new phone number, your plan will be active a few minutes after your SIM card is activated. If you transferred your number from another provider, your plan will be activated within the next two hours.3 Whatever option you chose, we'll text you when everything is ready.



How to make sure my Fizz line is active



You're all set.

Dive into the world of Fizz today. You’ll earn your first My Rewards badge as soon as your plan has been activated. The longer you stay, the more you benefizz. Already a Fizz Home Internet member? Great news: you’ll earn rewards even faster by combining your internet and mobile services with Fizz.5


Create my plan


Any questions?

You’ll find the answers to your questions and other helpful information in the Solution Hub. You can also post questions and share tips and tricks with other members in the Community Hub. 

Solution Hub Community Hub

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