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What is data gifting and how does it work?

If you have unused data in your account, you can gift it to any member who is findable in the Fizz community (in other words, anyone who is not in Inc
How do I gift data to another Member?, 1, To send a gift: Go to My Plans in your Fizz account. Scroll to the plan (if you have more than one in your account) that you want to gift from
What kind of data can I gift?, 2, You cannot gift: An unlimited feature, such as text, minutes or minutes for international calls Add-Ons Gifted data (no re-gifting allowed!)
How much data can I gift, 3, You must gift at least 500 MB (0.5 GB). There is no maximum.
How long is a gift valid?, 4, Gifted data is valid until the end of the recipient’s payment cycle that follows the cycle during which the data was gifted. For example, say I receiv
Who can I send a gift to?, 5, You can send a data gift to: Any Fizz customer who is findable in Contacts and has a data plan A complete stranger, as long as they are findab
What to do with a gift?, 6, How do I accept a gift? Can I refuse it? No. You cannot refuse gift. When another Fizz member sends you a gift, your account automatically accepts
Gift data to a stranger, 7, Why would I want to gift data to a stranger? It feels good to help out a stranger. Sometimes a Fizz customer asks the community to gift them data..
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What is a Rollover and how does it work?

Nobody likes losing something they’ve paid for. Which is exactly why we roll over your unused data at the end of each month. There’s nothing you need
When to expect a Rollover, 1, When does my unused data roll over? Your unused data will roll over at the end of each payment cycle. To see when your payment cycle ends:
When does rolled over data expire, 2, How do I know when my rolled over data will expire? Each batch of rolled over data will expire after two (2) complete payment cycles, and this even
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