How do I unlock my phone?

If you bought your phone from another mobile provider and want to use it on the Fizz network, you need to make sure your phone is unlocked.

Check if your phone is locked and find its IMEI

Insert your Fizz SIM card (activated or not activated) into your phone.

When your card is inserted:

  • Your phone is unlocked if it connects to the network or asks you for a PIN code to unlock the SIM card.
  • Your phone is locked if it asks you for a SIM unlock code. Follow the instructions below to unlock it.

If you bought your phone from a Canadian provider after December 1, 2017, it is unlocked by default.

If your phone is locked, ask the mobile provider who supplied your phone to help you unlock it

Because Fizz is not the company that locked your phone, we cannot unlock it. Only the provider who sold you your phone (and who locked it) can unlock it for you. Ask this provider’s customer service team for an unlock code and instructions for unlocking your phone.

Make sure you have your IMEI handy when you contact the company who sold you your phone. 

An IMEI is your phone’s ‘identity card’. It allows you to obtain your unlock code. It’s also an anti-theft provision that allows you to identify and block your phone if it is lost or stolen.

Where can I find my IMEI?
  • By dialing *#06# on your phone’s keypad
  • Under your phone’s battery or on the supporting card that holds an iPhone’s SIM card
  • On a sticker attached to your phone’s original packaging

If the number is more than 15 digits long, use only the first 15 digits.

Don’t remember where you bought your phone? Look in your phone’s settings to find the name of the original provider. Go to settings > cellular data > service operator.
Many mobile providers have tools on their customer support site that enable you to obtain your unlock code and instantly unlock your phone without having to contact customer assistance.

Another way to unlock your phone

By law, companies are not allowed to charge a fee to unlock phones. However, be aware that some websites specialize in unlocking phones and will offer this service for a fee.

To unlock a phone, it must not be declared lost or stolen. If you buy a phone from a private source, verify that it’s not on the National Stolen Device Blacklist by entering the phone’s IMEI on the Device Check Canada website: > Make sure the person who sells you a phone has unlocked it.

In some cases, it will be necessary to reset a phone to its original settings to unlock it. If this is the case, make sure you backup your personal data before resetting your phone. This backup can be restored if necessary after resetting your phone.


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