How do I post a question to the Fizz Community Hub?

Our Community Hub is the place to give and get help on all things related to your Fizz products and services. The best thing about giving and helping is that it contributes to the Fizz community. And the second best thing? When you contribute, you earn perks in the Fizz My Rewards program. Learn about My Rewards


Things to remember about participating in the Fizz Community Hub:



  1. How to post a question

    1. Log into your Fizz Account.
    2. In the top navigation, click on Help and select Community Hub.
    3. Enter your question in the search tool. It’s possible a community member has already answered it.
    4. If you searched and didn’t find an answer, go to the Community Hub homepage and click on Ask your question
    5. This will open a new page where you can create a new topic to post.
    6. While creating your new post/or topic you will be asked to:
      1. Add a subject line that describes your question
      2. Choose the best category for your question
      3. Choose the best tag for your question (Tags are keywords that relate to your post. They help members find answers to similar questions.)
      4. The next step is to validate similar questions other members might have asked (Someone might have already asked a similar question and received a response that can help you)
      5. No similar questions? The next step will allow you to type your question. (Never post any personal or private information.)
      6. Preview your question before posting and you’re done.

  1. How to edit my post

    1. Locate your original post in your Community Hub profile or by using the search tool.
    2. Click on the Edit button to review your post.