How do I earn Perks by using the Fizz Community Hub?

Using the Fizz Community Hub by sharing and helping others comes with its own rewards — notoriety. It’s one of the many reasons why Fizz stands out from the crowd. There are many ways we reward you when becoming a Fizz member, and one of them is by sharing and helping others in the Fizz Community Hub.

  1. How to earn Perks

    1. You must be a Fizz member with an active monthly plan to participate in the My Rewards program. Subscribe to Fizz
    2. Help and contribute to the Community on a consistent basis by replying and posting helpful information that can benefit other Fizz members. Learn how to post to the Fizz Community
    3. The My Rewards matrix is based on a secret algorithm, devised to prevent people from gaming the Community.
    4. Perks are earned based on:
    • The frequency of activity in the Fizz Community
    • Replying to others who need assistance or direction
    • Posting helpful contributions to the Fizz Community
    • Other types of participation in the Community.
    • A portion of the points earned in the Community hub is then transferred to your Fizz loyalty account

      My rewards Program

  1. What type of rewards ?

    As part of My Rewards, Fizz Community members who have active monthly plans have the ability to earn Perks, Badges and Upgrades when they help other members of the Community. Learn about My Rewards

    By actively participating in the Fizz Community you can earn:
    • Badges

    Badges are rewarded when you reach milestones set by Fizz — they also show off your status in the Fizz Community. You earn badges for contributing questions and answers to the Community. Badges are awarded with points, and sometimes a Perk or Upgrade.

    • Perks

    A Perk is a single-use item — for example, 2GB of data to be used in the next two months, or a discount at one of our retail partners. Earn Perks for carrying out specific actions in the Community, for example asking or answering a question in the Community.

    The email used to register your Fizz account must not be changed once participating in the Fizz community hub or you will lose your current ranking and points received.


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