Customize your ideal plan.

Please note our mobile services are going through a stabilization period, which means you might experience service interruptions. Learn more.


text messaging

Incoming text messages are always free.


Choose your coverage



If you are not available, voicemail is there for you. Store up to 10 messages.

International Calls

For $5 per month, get a fixed number of minutes to make calls to one of the countries on our special rate list.

Free stuff everyone gets

Always included in your plan

  • Call display
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding

Nothing is set in stone.

You can adjust your plan every month in a flash.1

If your needs evolve in the meantime, buy an Add-on and use it right away or pay as you go.



Quickly add more data, text messages or minutes to your plan by selecting the Add-on you need, when you need it. Each Add-On is valid throughout your current payment cycle and the next one.


Travel Add-ons

If you’re travelling somewhere, enjoy the Fizz experience without the dreaded surprise charges. For those who enjoy long trips, know that each Add-On is valid throughout your current payment cycle and the next one.

pay as you go

Pay As You Go

Add funds to your Fizz Wallet (you decide on the amount) to pay as you go your minutes, texts and international calls when you’re in your coverage area. Your Wallet does not expire and follows you everywhere, even abroad.



Launch Price
$ per month
(taxes not included)