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Get 30 GB with the purchase of a new or Preloved phone.1

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You gift data. We gift to Tel-jeunes.

The Data for our youth campaign is currently underway, which means that for each data gift made among members between December 3 and 17, Fizz will make a donation of $2 to Tel-jeunes.2 The goal is to get to $25,000 together. You in? 

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Take advantage of our two-week blitz: Activate your first plan with the referral code of a friend between November 19 and December 3, and you’ll each receive a $100 referral bonus.3

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Why would you throw out your unused mobile data at the end of the month? With Fizz, any unused mobile data will be rolled over to the next month.4



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Our unlimited Internet plans are all-inclusive and our mobile plans fully customizable.


No time wasted thanks to our lightning-quick Internet and mobile networks.5

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With Fizz, everything happens online. Our services and the tools we offer are simple and easy to use so members can make their way on their own. If you get stuck along the way, don’t hesitate to chat with our Customer Service team.


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The Solution Hub is a goldmine, with answers to your questions and tons of useful information. Meanwhile, the Community Hub is your space, to ask questions and share useful tips with other Fizz members.


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Gift extra Fizz mobile data and perks to other members, so nothing ever goes to waste.6 That's what community is all about. Give a little, get a little. Give a lot, get a lot.

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