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How do I use Pay As You Go?

How you activate Pay As You Go depends on whether you’ll be using it for usage inside or outside Canada:
Inside Canada, 1, To use Pay As You go for data, calls or international calls when inside your coverage area: Go to My Plans in your Fizz account. If you have m
Outside your coverage zone, 2, To use Pay As You go for data, calls, text and international calls for roaming outside your coverage zone: Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
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I’m travelling outside my coverage zone. What are my roaming options?

There are two ways to change your monthly plan so you can have data, text and calling outside your coverage zone. You can buy a Travel Add-On or Pay A
Travel Add-On, 1, A Travel Add-On is an Add-On to your monthly plan that allows you to use data and minutes in a selected Zone. It is a one-time package that takes effe
Pay As You Go, 2, If you are travelling, we recommend purchasing a local SIM card. This will give you access to better rates on data. Helpful tip: use messaging apps (w
What is a Zone?, 3, A Zone is a group of countries that all share the same rate for data, text and minutes when you travel using Pay As You Go or a Travel Add-On. In the
What happens if I use my Add-on?, 4, If your Travel Add-on runs out while you are still travelling, your account will use the funds deposited in your Wallet to cover travel usage.
What if my wallet is out of money?, 5, If money runs out in your wallet, you will lose the ability to use roaming data, texts and minutes. There is no surcharge when your wallet runs out of
Can I choose more than one Zone?, 6, Yes. For Travel Add-ons you can choose as many zones as you need based on where you are travelling. If you have chosen a travel Zone, and then
What are my roaming prices for each destination?, 7, You can see all your traveling price option in the travel section in your account : Connect to your Fizz account In My plans, Manage
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How do I make an international call when I am in my coverage area?

To make an international call, you have different options depending on your needs. Whatever option you choose for your international calls, know th
International Calls Option, 1, If you make international calls every month: add the International calls option to your plan. You get each month a fixed number of minutes to make
International Calls Add-on, 2, If you make international calls occasionally: use the International Calls Add-on. The International calls Add-Ons are useful if you need to  m
Use the pay as you go, 3, To make international calls without changing your mobile plan nor buying Add-ons: use pay as you go. By adding funds to your wallet, you’ll be able
What is the cost when I call international from my coverage zone?, 4, You have all the costs of our Add-on and Pay as You Go in your Fizz account : Connect to your Fizz account In My plans, Manage
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