The chateau Petite-Patrie Beach.

Borough: Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie
Lenght: 45 minutes*
Difficulty level: Easy
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You won’t see any sand around this castle, but that's ok, being at the beach is a state of mind. 

Take the Carrières bike path that runs parallel to the Canadian Pacific Railway lines and greet any conductors you see with your best “choo-choo!”

Then hop off for a breath of fresh air at the Père-Marquette Park community garden. 

And after your breath of fresh air, stop off for a bite at the Indian-fusion snack bar Le Super Qualité, (we hear it’s, uh, super good quality) or for a savoury tart or any other treat, at Automne bakery.  


Other neighbourhood gems include: 
  • L’Île aux volcans: 1635 Rue de Drucourt
  • Soucoupe Café: 6910 Rue Fabre
  • Boutique Tonic: 1247 Rue Bélanger
  • Cœur De Loup: 1141 Rue Bélanger
  • Maudit bonheur Café: 1129 Rue Bélanger
  • Les Oubliettes Café: 6201 Rue de Saint-Vallier


The Chateau Petite-Patrie Beach has been tested and approved by BIXI member, Marie. Here are a few pics she grabbed on the way.


Caution! This route may include construction zones.


*Additional usage fees apply for trips over 30 minutes. For details, visit