Should I consider adding Wi-Fi repeaters?

Despite choosing the best possible location in your house for your Fizz Wi-Fi modem, you may still need to make a few adjustments to optimize its signal.  

How to optimize my modem’s Wi-Fi signal:


Beyond these adjustments, using one or several Wi-Fi repeaters to extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network to cover all rooms on all floors is another approach to consider. 

  1. Types of Wi-Fi repeaters

    There are two types of Wi-Fi repeaters: 

    1. The Wi-Fi signal extender 

    This device connects to your Wi-Fi network and, as the name suggests, extends the range of your network’s signal.  

    It could be used, for example, to extend the signal to an adjacent room such as an office, the bathroom or even the patio.  


    2. The powerline adapter 

    The adapter uses the home’s electrical network to bring Internet access to all the rooms in your home, including on different floors. An Ethernet cable is also required to connect the adapter to your modem.  

    Using a powerline adapter would be useful to ensure a stable connection to the basement for example, to connect a game console with an Ethernet cable. This way, the distance with the modem or even potential physical obstacles that may attenuate the signal will no longer be an issue.  


    Go with the Wi-Fi repeater according to your needs and situation. Some models have technological limitations that may slow down your connection. Ask the place where you buy it for advice. 

  1. Troubleshooting for Wi-Fi repeaters

    If your repeaters don’t seem to be working well, here are a few things you may want to try. 


    1. Reboot your Wi-Fi modem 
    • Unplug the power cable on your Wi-Fi modem. This method is preferred vs using the button at the back.  
    • Make sure all the lights on the modem are off once you have unplugged it. 
    • Wait ten (10) seconds. 
    • Plug your modem back into the electrical outlet. Expect a three (3) minute delay to allow your devices to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network. 


    2. Reboot your Wi-Fi repeaters 
    • Unplug your repeaters from the electrical outlet for 30 seconds. 
    • Plug them back in and wait for a few minutes for them to reboot and synchronize with the Fizz Wi-Fi modem, and for your devices to reconnect. This may take up to 5 minutes.  


    3. Reset your repeaters 

    Refer to your Wi-Fi repeater manufacturer’s user guide to complete this troubleshooting step.


    4. Reset your Wi-Fi modem to its factory settings 

    IMPORTANT: This will reset any changes that have been made to your Wi-Fi modem settings to date. You may also need to reconfigure your devices’ Wi-Fi settings (network name, password, etc.). 


    Using a small, sharp object, press the modem’s reset button for 10 seconds. 

    Once your modem has restarted, follow the same instructions you used when you initially installed it. 


    Reminder: The default username (Default Wi-Fi network) and password (Default key) for your Wi-Fi network are written on a sticker on the back of your Wi-Fi modem.