Important information for mobile members who subscribed before April 12, 2019.

If you subscribed to Fizz mobile services before April 12, 2019, this means you joined us during our early days. If this is the case, these questions and answers are for you.


What will happen to the price of my mobile plan if prices change?

To thank you for being true ambassadors from the get-go, the price you are paying now will stay the same (1). If you change your plan, however, you will lose the price you are paying now, and regular prices will apply.


If I want to add an Add-on to my plan, does that count as a change, which will result in me paying regular prices?

No. An Add-on is a punctual additional block of data, minutes, texts or international minutes that you’re adding to your monthly plan. It’s not a recurrent change to your monthly plan, which means your plan will keep its reduced price. Other examples that won’t impact the reduced price of your plan include any action related to your Fizz wallet, a change of address, phone number or payment method, adding an extra user to your account or any action listed under the advanced parameters menu. 

However, Fizz also offers recurring options for your plan. And so adding the voicemail or international call option to your monthly plan will result in your plan switching to regular prices.


What happens if I make a change to my plan using the rewards I received via the My Rewards program?

The rewards you received, whether buckets of mobile data or dollar rebates, can be added, changed or removed from your plan at anytime. This type of change will not impact the advantage you are enjoying for the price of your plan. These rewards were given to you to thank you for being with us. They complement your plan so it works harder for you month after month. Hence, don’t hold back and enjoy your rewards whenever you please.



(1) Should a price increase occur, you would be notified 30 days in advance.