I participated in the mobile beta launch. What's next?

  1. How do I know if I am getting the benefits associated with being a beta tester?

    Check the price of your plan in your Fizz account; that price will tell you whether or not you are enjoying preferential beta prices (between $1.00 and $8.00 per month). The beta phase ended at midnight on November 20, 2018. To receive beta benefits, your phone number had to be activated before November 20, 2018. Please know that two (2) months were added to the initial three (3) beta months, which means you get to enjoy your plan’s preferential price for a total of five (5) months.

    If your Fizz phone number was activated after November 20, 2018, at midnight, we’re sorry to inform you that the beta benefits do not apply to you. However, you can still take advantage of our introductory prices.

  1. How long will my beta period last?

    Your plan will remain at its beta price throughout your beta period, which is now at five (5) months, as opposed to the initial three (3) we had promised you.

    These five (5) months are calculated starting from the day you activated your Fizz phone number. Make sure, however, that you don’t change your plan during those five (5) beta months, or else regular prices will apply and you will no longer have access to your beta price.

  1. What will happen at the end of my beta period?

    Once those five (5) months are over, your plan will automatically migrate to the introductory prices that are currently offered. The date at which these five (5) beta months end depends on the date you subscribed during the beta period. Just before the end of your beta testing period of five (5) months, we will send you an email letting you know that your beta is coming to an end. 


    Only those beta testers who have not modified their plan will get to enjoy the introductory prices, and this, even if the introductory prices are no longer in effect at the end of their five (5) month beta period.


    For example, if a beta tester subscribed on 10/10/2018, and hasn't modified his plan past 11/20/2018 (beta period end date):

    • This beta tester will receive an email during the week of 02/10/2019 to let him know he is starting the last month of his beta period. The new price to which his plan will migrate to will also be communicated to him.
    • On 03/10/2019, this beta tester will keep his plan. His plan will, however, automatically migrate to the introductory price that was communicated by email.

  1. What will happen if I modify my plan?

    If I modified my plan before November 20, 2018
    If I change my plan before the end of my five (5) month beta period
    • If you change your plan before the end of your five (5) month beta period, you lose your beta benefits.
    • You will switch to the introductory prices (currently offered).
    • You will not receive any communication to inform you of the end of your beta period since you'll have already switched to the introductory prices.
    If I change my plan after the end of my five (5) month beta period
    • When you modify your plan once your five (5) beta months are over, introductory prices (currently offered) will apply.


    No end date has been identified for the introductory prices. This news will be communicated on fizz.ca well in advance to allow you to modify your plan or activate new ones so you can therefore take advantage of the introductory prices before it's too late. 
    After that, if you don't change your plan, you'll keep enjoying its introductory price even when regular prices are launched.