Can I transfer my Points, Upgrades or Perks to another Fizz plan?

You can gift Perks to other Fizz members. (But Perks cannot be re-gifted or rolled over — they must be redeemed and used.)

You cannot gift or transfer Points, Upgrades or Badges.

  1. If I unsubscribe

    If I unsubscribe do I keep my Points, Level and Perks?

    No. If you unsubscribe from Fizz you lose your Level, Points and Perks. If at some point in the future you re-subscribe, you will start again at zero.

  1. Assign my Perks

    How do I assign my Perks to another plan linked to my account?

    If you have more than one plan on your account, you can choose which plan will benefit from your Perks.

    How to gift a Perk to another plan on your account:

    1. Go to Overview in your Fizz account.
    2. Scroll below your usage summary to My Rewards.
    3. Here you’ll see a summary of your Level and Perks.
    4. Click on See details to go to your My Rewards page.
    5. Scroll to your Perks and click on the In Use tab.
    6. Click on the Perk you wish to unlock.
    7. Select Give to gift the Perk to another Fizz plan.
    8. Select the Plan you wish to gift this Perk to.