More info on the stabilization period of our mobile services


Why the need for a stabilization period?

Launching a bold and different mobile service, and choosing to do so using innovative technology, entails a certain level of risk and complexity. We addressed several issues since our launch, but we still need time to become the mobile provider you’ve been waiting for.


What can I expect during the stabilization period? 

Expect a few technical hiccups. Other outages are also a possibility.

Examples of potential technical issues:
  • Interrupted connection for unknown periods of time. 
  • Intermittent or slow service.
  • A few missed texts or dropped calls.
  • Connection to the 3G/4G/HSPA+ network rather than the LTE network.
A few known issues currently being worked on:
  • Text messages (SMS) sent by certain companies, such as Microsoft and Google to name a few, are not received.
  • Certain devices connected to a Wi-Fi network are not able to send or receive multimedia messages (MMS). 
  • Some services do not work optimally when roaming internationally (outside the U.S.A., varies according to the destination).


Why are you offering reduced prices during the stabilization period?

Fizz offers you reduced prices to compensate for the annoyances caused by the instability of the network and potential outages to come, as well as to thank you for your patience and collaboration as we work through the last glitches of our mobile services.


What prices can I expect during the stabilization period?

The temporary rebate offered during the stabilization period is added to the rebate already in place with our introductory prices, thus totaling a savings of approximately 30% on our future prices.

Here are three typical plans illustrating these temporary prices:
For members who will have subscribed BEFORE April 12, 2019


2 Go

8 Go


For members who subscribe ON, OR AFTER, April 12, 2019


2 Go

8 Go

The stabilization period prices will come into effect at your next payment cycle starting on, or after, April 12, 2019. Our current members will receive, after that date, an email outlining the new price of their mobile plan.

If there’s another outage, what kind of compensation can I expect?

We feel that the rebate offered during the stabilization period is significant. No other timely compensation will be offered during the stabilization period. 


How long will the stabilization period last?

The stabilization period will last at least until the month of July 2019, and will only end once the mobile network has been stabilized, and tested over the course of several weeks.


What will happen to my price after the stabilization period?

For members who subscribed BEFORE April 12, 2019.

If your plan was activated before April 12, it will return to its launch (introductory) price once the stabilization period is over. Please note, however, that if you change your plan after the stabilization period, regular prices will apply. You will be notified of the end of the stabilization period one month in advance.

For members who subscribe ON, OR AFTER, April 12, 2019.

Your plan was activated on or after April 12? Once the stabilization period is over, regular prices will come into effect and will therefore apply to your plan. You’ll be happily surprised by these once the stabilization period has come to an end. You will be notified of the end of the stabilization period one month in advance.


Is this rebate applicable to my Home Internet service?

The instability of our mobile network has no impact on our Home Internet service. The service is working well, and you can therefore pursue your online activities with your mind at ease.


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